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"Thank you! It was a lovely event. I personally enjoyed very much not only seeing our daughter but the other kids and youngsters pushing through and getting it done. No wonder why our daughter likes it so much"!

Alberto - June 2019


"Thank you for a wonderful year! The kids absolutely love coming to their martial arts classes.

Thank you to Cathy and Teresa and the rest of the team for all their encouragement and support of my children. Much appreciated".

Julia - December 2018


"Hi Cathy. Thanks to everyone for making Eve feel so welcome yesterday. It really helped settle her nerves a little. Myles spent lots of time with her and she appreciated his help.

Also thanks to the trainers like Amy who also spent some time making Parker feel welcome in his new class too. He really appreciated that as well as he feels nervous starting with a new group where he doesn’t know anyone. They both felt very comfortable so thank you for that.Thanks again"

Julie - July 2018 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Hi Cathy and Joe, just a quick thank you for the invitation to train with your team. I had a great time and really enjoyed the atmosphere and training ethic there. Congratulations on an awesome dojo"!

Nelson - May, 2018


"Hi Cath. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself and Joe for all your help and encouragement with Nicholas, not just Sunday, and the time leading up to it, but over the many years since he started. On Sunday, I was blown away by what they did in order to get their black belt. He's a pretty understated kid, so you never quite know with him. I was very impressed to say the least. Please thank all the trainers that were very helpful and encouraging to him as well. He did work hard leading up to this, but I also think that something has clicked with him since Sunday. Thanks again".

Andrew - December, 2017


"I just wanted to send Cathy and Joe a quick thank you for the classes you guys are holding over the school holidays. I managed to get off work a couple of times to watch Oscar. 

Kurt is doing a great job and has been awesome with Oscar, with this extra training and a little one on one I think Oscar has turned a corner. I have notice he is a lot more enthusiastic about martial arts and this has a lot to do with Kurt’s recent training sessions. I really hope Oscar keeps up with his training as I believe Keystone has really made a positive impact to Oscars attitude.

Thanks again".

Ben P - April 2016


"Wishing Jacob and Josh all the best for their adult black belts. Sorry we cannot be sparring partners as James is only 6 but Jacob is his idol. So from one blue belt aged 6 to his idol best wishes! Go Jacob and Josh".

Kieran W on behalf of James W - Adult Black Belt Grading June 2015 


"Thanks so much Cathy. The boys were super excited! I was particularly surprised with Cooper, I didn’t realise he was that strong and agile. 

I would like to mention that Cooper has commented on numerous occasions about how much he enjoy training with Myles. He is obviously not only a tremendous karate instructor, but also a mature young man that relates very well to younger boys – a real role model. So please pass on my thanks to him".

Kind regards

Fiona - June 2015


 "My son Riley started with Keystone in July of this year and I just wanted to write and say thank you. Riley can be a shy and gentle child but he has embraced the classes that you offer wholeheartedly. He seems to have had a fabulous time this year, leaves every lesson with a big grin on his face and can’t wait to return the next week. I was able to watch him grade for his yellow belt on Sunday and it is obvious to me that his skills at martial arts are not exceptional, however, he is being continually encouraged by you and your trainers and congratulated for his efforts. He is very excited about returning next year and is a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to come again until February - we did explain to him that even teachers need a break!

What inspired me to write to you today, however, is to commend your trainers. I do not get to see how Riley interacts with the trainers each week but trust that he is happy because of his demeanour at the end of each lesson. Today I got to see why he is so comfortable. Each trainer knew him by name and seemed aware of his gentle and sensitive nature. The classes appear geared to allow for and encourage the uniqueness of each student without alienating any. In particular today, Riley was visibly upset at one point, not for any injury or dramatic reason, most probably because he struggles when he doesn’t win, which we are working on. Even though I was in the room he trusted your trainers enough to be comforted by them. The young man that sat with him showed great compassion and professionalism. Riley was not ridiculed, reprimanded or brushed aside, it was reassuring for me as a parent to see a young person respond in such a caring way to Riley’s needs and know that he is being so well looked after even when I am not there. I apologise that I do not know the young man’s name, but please pass on my thanks to him.  Thank you to you and your team for providing such a warm and caring environment which is very appropriate for the children in your care.

Well done to you and the whole team. I hope you all have a wonderful and well deserved break, see you next year.

Many thanks"

Teresa - Dec 2014


 " Keystone Martial Arts provided an outstanding martial arts program for my Son. It was well structured and with great tuition and supervision. Their grading system was clear and well communicated to the students, giving them an exciting path for real achievement at each level. Their customer service was second to none, with nothing ever being an issue for their team. Thanks for a great experience!"

Andy - Dec 2012


 James is loving his Martial Arts classes. Great customer service and follow up

Sharon - Nov 2011


Ryan has had the best experience coming Keystone Martial Arts. The staff and how the program you run are of the highest standard. I sure will recommend Keystone to all my friends if they’re looking for great Martial Arts Company. I hope my son will return one day soon.

Di - September 2011


Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort to our kids this year, Copper is a different child to the timid little boy who started the year, and a lot of that is down to you guys. You are wonderful leaders, and it shows in the results you get form all the kids (all of them, not just mine).

Kirsty - December 2010

Caillin really loves her Martial Arts and loves to get to class early so that she can help out where possible. I also think Martial Arts has been a great outlet for her and a means for something else to focus on given the difficulties we have gone through this year. So thank you both for the lovely caring environment you foster at Keystone Martial Arts, it has been a wonderful experience for all of us especially Caillin.

Deb - June 2010


Can I compliment you and Joe for the interest you take in all your students. It makes all of them feel very special which is what it is all about.

The grading on Sunday was quite an amazing event. Gradings have certainly grown in size since I last did one many years ago.

It was a pleasure to see the Instructors having as much of a good time as the kids. Especially Joe, as he congratulated each student when he awarded their grading what a great role model for the boys to aspire to and the girls to admire and look up to.

Thanks again for the effort you and Joe put in. Much appreciated.

Geoff (Dad of Nicholas) - April 2009