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Keystone Martial Arts


Training your body, mind and spirit.

For us… this means we offer a conscious hub of total personal development. Your Dojo is a place where this ideal must be sacred and all staff represents this promise to clients.

Keystone Martial Arts teaches a system where training is from the inside out. By learning how to deal with conflict on a gross level (physical) we transcend the need to fight (eventually) and with the right training commence an inward journey that teaches how to deal with conflict on a subtle level; in grained negative behaviour, habitual habits etc.

For students… this means Keystone Martial Arts offers more than fitness and self defense training. It offers a way to transform your life – mental attitude and approach to life. It offers community and a sense of belonging. It offers a calm temple from the storm of modern living.

This starts with training the body. Changes to the mind come with progression through the belts becoming calmer, less reactive and more aware. This opens aspects of life that the client hasn’t contemplated before, areas of experience that transcend the everyday, experiences that are described as spiritual.

Keystone Martial Arts has a unique set of self-defence programs for children and adults that integrates traditional elements of jujitsu, taekwondo, judo and kick boxing. The Northstar Jiu Jitsu system we use, was developed by one of Marital Arts highest achievers, Andy Dickinson, specifically for our hectic modern lives as a practice for self-defence and fitness, but also personal growth.

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