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Do you have gradings in Keystone Martial Arts?

Yes students start at white belt and are graded all the way to Black and beyond. It takes about 3 - 6 achieve months between belts and about 3 - 5 years of regular training to achieve a Black belt.


What will I learn at Keystone Martial Arts?

From the first lesson you will learn basic self-defense that can be used immediately.

You will learn how to

  • Fight effectively using punching and kicking
  • Control your attacker immediately by avoiding his strikes
  • Deliver powerful kicks and punches of your own.
  • Throw your opponent to the ground.
  • Easily control your attacker using a series of holds locks and chokes.
  • Meditation and relaxation.

Each class involves

  • Full set of stretching exercises
  • All round body conditioning
  • Cardiovascular fitness.
  • “Safety is stressed from the start; all classes are run by experienced, fully qualified instructors.”


Keystone Martial Arts is recognized by the Australian Jujitsu Federation.


Can I join any time or should I book in?

We encourage you to call, discuss your needs then book in for a free intro class.
Classes are on going and new enrolments are always accepted. Classes are designed to cater for beginners and experienced Martial Artists.


How much does it cost?

It depends on how often you can train and your level of commitment. We will sit down and discuss the membership options with you when you come in, however as a guide the average is around $15.00 per class.


How long are the classes?

  • Adult classes are 1 hour.
  • Depending on the age group Children’s classes are 40 - 45min.


What about competitions and tournaments?

While we have students that regularly compete we understand that competition isn't for everyone so there is no pressure, it really is an individual thing. If you or your child are interested in competition there is plenty of opportunity.


Where are the classes?

The Keystone Classes are at:


What age should I start my child?

Our programs start from kids from 5 year olds and we cater for all ages from 5 up.  All of our classes are run at our two locations (Baulkham Hills and Kellyville)


How many times a week should I train?

It really depends on your schedule. Your training needs to fit in with your lifestyle and the goals your trying to achieve. Obviously the more frequently you train the quicker you’ll progress and learn. We recommend you aim to train at least twice a week, however if you can only do once a week then that’s OK..…once a week is better than nothing.


Am I too old to do martial arts?

We start our children from 5 years. If you are generally fit and healthy we start our adult students at any age. We grade many students to Black Belt in their late 40’s to mid 50’s.


Am I fit enough to do martial arts?

We say that if you can lift yourself out of bed, you are fit enough to train. There is no pressure to have to do or keep up with the exercises. You go at your own pace and slowly improve over time. We are committed to your ongoing health and vitality….long term.


What is the ratio men to women?

Our classes are well attended by both girls and boys in the children’s classes and men and women in the adult’s classes. We have both male and female trainers.

What should I wear?

To your first class wear light work out gear, shorts, trackies, T shirt that kind or thing. We don’t wear shoes in class. Once you start training regularly you will receive a white uniform as part of the membership package.