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Welcome to Keystone Martial Arts

'With over 250 members and 20 years experience, Keystone is a name you can trust'..

Keystone Martial Arts has strong links to both traditional & contemporary martial arts. Our aim is to make health and fitness through martial arts available to everyone. We will make your training experience enjoyable, safe and guarantee that even after the first class you will go home having learnt effective self defence techniques combined with street awareness. As you continue to train your confidence and fitness will grow. You will feel energized and empowered. As these positive benefits flow into all aspects of your everyday life you will start to set your sights on goals that you may have previously thought to be out of your reach and we will be there to help you 'realise your potential'.

‘Our mission is to teach an effective and progressive self-defence, fitness & learning system that improves our student’s quality of life and help them to learn, improve, cope with life challenges through our training and mentoring process, which enable them to achieve goals they never thought possible’.